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ALSCCA Pts 8 SIgnup and Map

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  • ALSCCA Pts 8 SIgnup and Map

    ALSCCA Pts 8 Season Finale! 11/11/2023


    Course Map!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Course Map Figure 8.JPG Views:	52 Size:	42.6 KB ID:	86945

    Direct any questions or position requests by posting in this thread, through PM or email -
    • Please offer a 1st and 2nd early assignment choice.


    1. Event Chair: Nick Lindsay
    2. Course Designer: Keith Smith

    Friday - Course setup, time to be determined, likely mid-afternoon. I will update once confirmed with Barber.
    3. Course Setup 1: Mitch Vaughn
    4. Course Setup 2: Jacob Cicero
    5. Course Setup 3: Keith Smith
    6. Course Setup 4: Rusty Hyde
    7. Course Setup 5: Nick Lindsay
    - - -Add'l Support:

    Report to Work by 6:45 AM
    8. Early Waiver & Checkin 1: Keith Smith
    - - Early Waiver & Checkin 2:
    - - Early Waiver & Checkin 3:
    9. Trailer and Computer Setup Lead: Dwayne Custer
    - - - Trailer and Computer Setup Shadow and Support:
    10. Early Paddock Marshalls: Brandon Marquis

    Report to Work by 7:00 AM
    11. Safety Steward 1: Justin Richardson
    12. Safety Steward 2: Glenn Stephenson
    - - - -SSS Shadow:

    Report to Work by 7:00 AM
    13. Tech Inspector 1: Tom Harrington
    - - - Tech Inspector 2:
    - - - Tech Inspector 3:
    16. Worker Chief:

    Report to Work 7:45 AM
    16. Novice Coach 1: Andy Williams
    - - - Novice Coach 2:
    17. Late Waiver & Checkin 1: Drew Cicero
    - - - Late Waiver & Checkin 2:
    18. Late Paddock Marshal:


    Timing and Scoring – Let us know if you are experienced with Timing.

    Shadows - Let us know if you want to learn something new.
    • Waivers: Everyone working Waivers must be an SCCA Member. If you volunteer for Waivers, you'll receive further information through email.
    • Registration and payment for this event are online. I will try to stay ahead of any classing corrections to eliminate any changes at check-in. Weekend Memberships for entrants will be managed through MSReg.
    • Tech Inspectors: Only experienced SCCA Members can work Tech.
    • Novice Coaches should be experienced.
    • Shadows: If you’re interested in learning any of the skilled Early Worker positions (registration, trailer setup, tech, worker chief, timing, etc.), offer to Shadow. We’ll do our best to make it your worker position. The number of Shadow Positions offered will depend on the number of entrants. SSS shadows have priority.
    • Please let us know if you’re experienced with Timing or are interested in shadowing to learn this position.
    Ideally, Early Workers would not be required to work during the event, but if attendance is low or

    there’s a high rate of Novice entries, we may need you to cover an additional position.
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    Course setup


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      Hey Nick! Put me down for novice coach, paddock marshal, or such!


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        I’ll do course setup. Let me know.
        Johnny (Jay)



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